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    博论坛白菜大全"'The sailors were ready to kill their admiral'"


    "Well," said Gub-Gub, "you know how people are always telling you 'You mustn't speak about those things at table!' Well, the Cook Goblins had a speaking tube in the wall which led, at the other end, to the open air outside. And whenever you wanted to talk about any of the things forbidden at table you left the table and went and said it into the speaking tube; then you came back to your seat. It was a very great invention.... Well, as I was saying, the baby pig enjoyed himself tremendously. And when the meal was over he said he must be going back because he wanted to get into the sty before his mother and father should be awake.
    "How do they do it?" asked Gub-Gub.
    "And then, hearing what difficulty I had had keeping away from cats, the Doctor gave me a home in his own house—in his own piano, in fact. And no mouse could wish for more than that. He even offered to send for the lady I was in love with, who would, no doubt, think differently about me, now that I was white again. But I said:


    1."Go on, Gub-Gub," said the Doctor. "Don't take any notice of them. I'm listening."
    2."What was here before the Flood then?" asked the Doctor.
    3."This cormorant, Doctor," said she, "fished up that pile of oysters."
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